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Our Vision

To Create a financially secured future for all who put their trust in us.

Our Firm

Avitzur Asset Management, LLC ("Avitzur Asset Management") is a California, New Jersey and New York registered investment adviser with its principal place of business in the State of California.

Avitzur Asset Management is an independent money management company, providing continuous management of investment portfolios for individuals and small businesses.

We believe that a stock represents a partial ownership in a business, and as such our investment approach is to invest for the long run by purchasing easy to understand businesses stocks, that are managed by trustful management team, and are selling at a discount to their business value as estimated by Avitzur Asset Management

Our Guarantee

We will always invest our own money as we invest our client.

We commit to follow our defined investment philosophy of value investing: investing in companies that are financially strong, that have a unique market leadership position, that are run by capable managers and that sells for a reasonable price that is below our assessment of their business value.

As opposed to others we make our selling decision prior to buying the stock based on the business assessed value.

We guarantee our personal investment advisory services by providing at most 2 business days turnaround on any questions from our clients;We will explain any purchase or sell decision via phone or e-mail within at most 2 business days

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