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Avitzur Asset Management is an independent money management company, providing continuous management of investment portfolios for individuals and small businesses.

We believe that a stock represents a partial ownership in a business, and as such our investment approach is to invest for the long run by purchasing easy to understand businesses stocks, that are managed by trustful management team, and are selling at a discount to their business value as estimated by Avitzur Asset Management.

We will sell securities that their market price have reached their assessed business value.

The value of the business is being estimated using both quantitative factors such as discounted future cash flows, book value, business balance sheet, Price/Earnings ratio and qualitative factors such as industry leadership. competitveness, brand strength, ability to produce recurring revenues and products or services price power.

In evaluating and and obtaining information about the companies, we use the following sources of information:
1. Financial newspapers, magazines, web sites such as Fortune, forbes, Smart Money, Barrons, Wall Street Journal and value line investment survey.
2. Annual reports, prospectuses and filing with the SEC (such as 10K, 10Q).
3. Company press releases

Our Fees

Avitzur Asset Management charges a flat fee which is based on a percentage of assets under management.

Avitzur Asset Management charges a tiered fee based on the following:
$100,000-$249,999 (1.00%), Charged on a quarterly basis, 0.25% per quarter
Above $250,000 (0.80%), Charged on a quarterly basis, 0.2% per quarter

Avitzur Asset Management fees and minimums are negotiable. Avitzur Asset Management Fees may be discounted or waived at the discretion of Avitzur Asset Management.

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